We Share Warren Buffet's Very Simple Views For Success..

Warren is well known for his expertise as a 'paper asset' investor and buyer of businesses; however, his solution also works well for real estate investing.


The important points of his success solution include:

  • ~Only get into investments that you understand.
  • ~Do not get into debt unless it is strategic debt.
  • ~Use the cash flow efficiently across other investments.
  • ~Diversify.
  • ~Ensure that the fundamentals of the investment are solid and that they are poised to appreciate.
  • ~Buy businesses under market value.
  • ~Develop a solid strategy for success.
  • ~Do not be afraid to change your own rules.
  • ~When you see an opportunity, seize it.
  • ~Avoid analysis paralysis.


REICO is in the business of finding income property and commercial real estate. These opportunities, coupled with real estate investors’ desire to increase, rebuild, diversify or protect their wealth, have set the ideal stage for REICO to launch its unique business model. The core of the model is comprised of gathering and connecting real estate investors with investment properties and commercial financing, mortgage refinancing, mortgage loans, equity take outs, and second mortgages.

To be recognized as the primary provider of mortgage loans, mortgage refinancing, real estate income property and property investment marketing by centralizing the needs and wants of real estate investors, sellers, and real estate services.

The timing is right for REICO because the following factors support our business model:
• All time low mortgage rates.
• Volatility in the mutual fund markets.
• Expensive real estate training courses.
• The proliferation of “for sale by owner” websites and marketing services.
• Real estate training companies are primarily focusing on information and training, but not support.
• Tougher mortgage qualification rules.
• Lack of public education on the factors that impact credit scores.

Real estate investing has been and always will be a sustainable marketable product because housing is an essential need, and also has always been used as a means of amassing wealth. The aforementioned factors are only a few that further strengthen and support REICO’s business model.