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Income Properties In Ontario


We find profitable real estate properties and well positioned investment opportunities on a regular basis. These properties take advantage of the 6 profit centers of real estate: appreciation, depreciation, leverage, cash flow, tax deductions, and equity.Income properties in Ontario

If a member submits a request that they are looking for a specific property, we will convey that request to our network. Please register as we only want to forward to you the deals that meet your specific criteria. More importantly, we want to forward to you opportunities that meet your criteria before we send them out to our database.

Through our networks we can also connect you with lawyers, realty services, and property management. This ensures that you will have a hassle free investing experience.

Private & Exclusive Income Properties In Ontario

Private deals are not listed on the MLS and the purchase price can usually can be negotiated below market value. They are on sale by ‘motivated sellers,’ not available for long, and are highly sought after by real estate investors.

Exclusive MLS deals are brokered through realtors but not listed on the MLS because of the vendors’ desire to keep the sale a private matter. These opportunities do not occur frequently but can have huge positive cash flow potential and/or be below market price.Income properties in Ontario

Under Market Value Income Properties In Ontario

  • Tax sale properties
  • Fixer uppers (buy, fix & flip)
  • Power of Sale properties
  • Foreclosures


Cash Flow Income Properties In Ontario

    • Rent to own / Lease to own investment opportunities
    • Student rentals


Income properties in Ontario