How Real Estate Investing In Ontario Works

We are Canada's source for income property, property investment, real estate investment opportunities, mortgage refinancing, private mortgages, commercial realty, and down payment solutions.

REICO offers aspiring, institutional and seasoned real estate investors passive real estate investment opportunities, privately listed income properties, zero down payment solutions, as well as investment, residential, commercial, construction, equity & private mortgage financing.

We believe in a personal real estate investing approach. To support that belief, we don’t have ‘traditional’ real estate investment club meetings, require investors to pay membership fees, or offer expensive training and mentorship programs.

Competing for quality income properties, unsuitable mortgages products that lead to future financing roadblocks, and the lack of on-going support are common challenges for many real estate investors. REICO not only addresses those problems, we solve them to make real estate investing in Canada easy.

Real estate professionals are often the first responders when profitable income properties become available for sale, but before they are listed on the MLS. Usually, these properties are emailed to realtors’ private investor clients.How Real Estate Investing In Ontario Works

Your registration with REICO enables you to be on those VIP lists with hundreds of local realtors, mortgage agents, and reputable vendors to get access to those privately circulated and lucrative income properties that are only available to the privileged few.How Real Estate Investment Work

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Investment, Commerical & Industial Properties

Our real estate investment network sources profitable income properties and commercial real estate daily. Please register as we only want to forward to you the properties that meet your specific criteria. More importantly we want to forward to you properties that meet your criteria before we send them out to our global real estate investor database. The investor value propositions are abundant and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our handpicked investment properties for sale, as any one of them may be perfectly suited to be introduced into your respective investment portfolio.How Real Estate Investing In Ontario Works
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Investment, Residential, Construction, Commercial, Equity & Private mortgages

There are hundreds of banks, credit unions, insurance companies, institutional mortgage lenders, private mortgage lenders, and an unknown number of individual private mortgage lenders. As a result, there are countless mortgage solutions, each with its specific interest rate, fees, terms, and conditions. We couple all of the possible options with our ‘outside the box’ thinking to provide investors with unique solutions for their specific financing needs. Inquire to see if you qualify for one of our zero down payment solutions.How Real Estate Investing In Ontario Works
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Real Estate Wealth Building System

“Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.” – Dale Carnegie

Do you have a 3, 5 or 10 year real estate wealth building goals? If so, then we can create a tailor-made real estate wealth accumulation plan that will help you to meet or, in many cases, exceed those goals. Our systematic methodology comprises of using under market value income properties and a properly planned borrowing strategy.How Real Estate Investment Work

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Retirement Savings Secured By Real Estate

REICO can help you to find profitable, passive real estate investments to increase your cash flow, build generational wealth, enhance retirement savings, or supplement pensions. These programs include residential community building developments, global investment projects, syndicated mortgage investments, second mortgages, land banking, real estate funds, and apartment projects. Best of all, the minimum investment amount can be as little as $25,000.How Real Estate Investing In Ontario Works

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