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Changes to the Mortgage Rules … Again!

How the rules have changed Canada’s housing rules have been revamped six times since 2008.   1. October, 2008: Ottawa reduces the maximum amortization period to 35 years, effectively killing the 40-year mortgage; introduces a 5-per-cent minimum down payment and tightens loan documentation standards.   2. April, 2010: The government clarifies debt-servicing standards,... Read more
July 30, 2016 in AV Chris Nelson

3D Modeling: Selling Commercial Real Estate just got easier!

    Vio3D     Benefits of 3D Rendering   * 3D Rendering and modeling converts 2 dimensional, colorless drawings into vibrant, realistic colorful images which better communicate and market the space to prospective buyers and partners. * They allow the designers to be involved in beautifying the concept, by adding design styles, textures. lighting, space... Read more
December 1, 2015 in Chris Nelson

Land Development 101 : New Developer? Need Support?

    As promised here are some or if not most of the steps in developing land for commercial purposes, residential is less complicated but the following somewhat outlines the  process;     ~Phase 1: Property Purchase/Lease ~Property purchase/lease & Due-diligence period: At this time the client should hire an engineering firm. REICO can refer you to a few... Read more
November 10, 2015 in Chris Nelson Investments

The 8 Components to a Perfect Investment

  Ok, the term ‘perfect investment’ might raise some eyebrows, but we mean it! As we prepare for RRSP season, the importance of understanding what constitutes a perfect investment is critical. The perfect investment does exist and it’s comprised of eight fundamental components that are unique to each investor: 1. Your profile as an investor 2. An investment that... Read more
September 15, 2015 in Chris Nelson Real Estate Investing

4 Fundamental Considerations before Investing in Real Estate

Over 17,000 years ago mankind transitioned from a nomadic way of life to the pseudo-agrarian lifestyles we live today, and for nearly as long, mankind has - in some form or another - realized the potential of investing in real estate. Real estate investing has taken many forms over the ages from the tribal hierarchies of our ancestors, to the medieval serfdoms of Europe, to the free enterprise in... Read more
August 29, 2015 in Chris Nelson Home Ownership

How to avoid the 8 most commonly made mistakes of homebuyers

There are many factors to consider once a family has made the decision to purchase a home. Unfortunately, many homebuyers only focus on the mortgage interest rate and features that they would like to have in the home. But these ‘other factors’ can have serious consequences if they are not taken into consideration. They not only impact their ability to purchase the home they also affect the... Read more
August 25, 2015 in Chris Nelson Home Ownership

Home Ownership Opportunity

$299,900.00 Bd3 Bth2   The best mortgage rate today is 1.78%, down payment solutions are still available and house prices are rising in great locations….Home Ownership can be yours! The maximum rent that the landlord can charge for this 3 bedroom rental property is $1,027/month. If this was close to your monthly rent then last year you spent at least $12,324, which allowed... Read more
August 22, 2015 in Chris Nelson Home Ownership

Home Ownership Solutions for Renters in Ajax, Ontario

Renting certainly has its own appeal: renting offers manageable and predictable monthly costs, requires little commitment, and maintenance is taken care of by property management. But, as with most things that seem too good to be true, there is a very serious reality lurking beneath the surface, of which renters should be wary. Renters in Ajax pay an average of $1,650 in rent for a... Read more