• July 30, 2016




Benefits of 3D Rendering

* 3D Rendering and modeling converts 2 dimensional, colorless drawings into vibrant, realistic colorful images which better communicate and market the space to prospective buyers and partners.

* They allow the designers to be involved in beautifying the concept, by adding design styles, textures. lighting, space management, artwork and class. Without the rendering component the drawing would just be full of colors and not the other features. 3D Rendering brings out the other features.

* The range of products are really a different way to do the above at different price points. Generally, the more definition and realism of the higher the cost. The higher the cost the more revenue associated with the project and the more class is required in the marketing material.

* 3D rendering is very flexible in that the work can be used for 1 - Print ads, 2 - Bill boards, 3 Internet marketing 4 - web sites, 5 - One on one presentations, 6 - design review meetings. A single model could be used for all of these marketing and communication channels.

* The interactive models can be converted into video's and voice over presentations can be added to bring out the selling points of the property. These videos expand the marketing potential of the model.

* In design, the interactive models give the client the chance really perceive the space, this can speed up the design process and also avoid any mistakes when completing a large renovation or build. it converts the engineers and architect language to the laymen's language.

* The inside space can be superimposed on the outside space. Buildings can be shown in the actual environment they will be located. The outside elements of the area are often a key attribute for buyers.

* The cost of 3D rendering and modeling can be less than marketing alternatives, especially the cost of building a physical model.

* 3D models and renderings can be completed in as little a few days. That can be very quick compared to the alternatives.

* Once a model is generated it is a flexible tool in that it can be updated quickly and cheaply in the future. So design changes can be incorporated in the model, in many cases this is interior design related.

* Modeling can be used as a surrogate for home staging.