Commercial Real Estate In Ontario

Commercial real estate offers many financial and non-financial advantages over residential real estate investing: leases are generally for longer terms, appreciation is stronger, maintenance costs are lower (respectively), tenants are easier to manage, rents are easier to collect, and the returns are higher. The aforementioned benefits are the reason why REITs, pension plans, private equity firms, and seasoned investors covet commercial real estate.

To the left is a wide assortment of exclusively listed (non-MLS) commercial and 'business-related' real estate properties. Feel free to click on each button to locate opportunities which will either be your first investment property or further compliment your existing real estate investment portfolio.

For your convenience, below is TREB's Multiple Listing Service (MLS) . It includes all of properties that have been listed on the MLS from all of the participating real estate boards across Ontario. Property data is displayed in 'real time' (almost as soon as it is loaded onto the MLS system) and approximately 24 hours before it is displayed on